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Crocheted Finger Puppets

These finger puppets all started with a very nice new year’s challenge for 2021 from work. I had to design an object in the theme ‘work alone together’. What I missed the most during Corona period when I worked at home were my colleagues. Thus, for this challenge I have crocheted mini versions of my team. I tried to capture all the characteristics of my colleagues in the puppets.

In the mean time I have created many more fingerpuppets and it is always a great challenge to capture the details of every person in these small puppets. Try it out yourself and crochet your colleagues, friends or family in little finger puppets. You can find the pattern of the finger puppets in the bottom of this page.

I also made three crochet patterns of Cruella de Vil, Sinterklaas and Santa Claus


  • Crochet needle 2,5mm
  • Buy yarn that can be crocheted with a crochet needle of 2,5mm. I always use Katia Capri or Yarn & colors Must-Have. Use yarn in the following colors: Skin color (Katia Capri 82154, 10 gr), a color for the shirt (10 gr) and a color for the hair (10gr).
  • 2 Safety eyes oval shape 8,5 x 6 mm
  • Stuffing for the head
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers, I always use a rest piece of yarn that I place in between the stitch.


Name stitchAbbreviation
Magic ringMR
slip stitchslst
single crochetsc
half double crochet stitchhdc
double crochet stitchdc
crochet 2 stitches in the next stitchincr.
crochet 2 stitches together in one stitchdecr.
repeat everything between (...) x times(...) x


For the pattern you crochet the head and the shirt together. The hair and ears are seperate parts.


Start with skin color yarn, crochet in rounds.

Rnd. 1:6sc in MR(=6)
Rnd. 2:(incr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 3:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 4:(2sc, incr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 5:(3sc, incr.) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 6 - 11:6 rounds of 30sc(=30)
Rnd. 12:(3sc, decr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 13-14:2 rounds of 24sc(=24)
Attach 2 safety eyes between rnd. 10-11 with 7sc in between.
Rnd. 15:(2sc, decr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 16:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 17:(1sc, decr.) 4x(=8)


Change yarn to a color for the shirt and continue with crocheting in rounds.

Rnd. 18:(1sc, incr.) 4x(=12)
Rnd. 19:12sc(=12)
Rnd. 20:(1sc, incr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 21:18sc(=18)
Rnd. 22:(2sc, incr.) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 23-26:4 rounds of 24sc(=24)
Stuff head.
Rnd. 27:(2sc, decr.) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 28:18sc(=18)
Rnd. 29:(1sc, decr.) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 30:12sc, 1slst.(=12)

Break yarn and hide leftover thread in the shirt.

Ears and nose

Crochet 6sc in MR with skin color. Break yarn and leave long tail. Attach ears between rnd 10-12 2sc next to eyes. Embroider with leftover yarn the nose ibetween the eyes in rnd. 12, 2sc wide. Embroider 4 stripes over each other.


Choose the hair color and crochet in rounds.

Rnd. 1:6sc in MR(=6)
Rnd. 2:(incr. with dc) 6x(=12)
Rnd. 3:(1dc, incr. with dc) 6x(=18)
Rnd. 4:(2dc, incr. with dc) 6x(=24)
Rnd. 5:(3dc, incr. with dc) 6x(=30)
Rnd. 6:2hdc, 2sc, incr. with sc, (4sc, incr. with sc) x2, 2hdc, 2dc, incr. with dc, 4dc, incr. with dc, 2dc, 2hdc, 1sc, 1slst.(=35)

Break yarn and leave long tail.

Pin the hair on top of the head and sew it onto the head. Make sure that you do not sew it in a straight line, but make some differences in the hairline. Embroider the eyebrows with the leftover thread 1sc above the eyes.

For long hair, make the hair as decribed above and add strands of hair to it. For these strands you crochet chains and make slip stitches on the other side of the chains. Sew these indivdual strands to the head.